Enough for Cleveland?

By: Jimmie Sykes

In a very short time span, Cleveland traded away almost all of their offseason acquisitions.

On February 8,  the Cavs were involved in three trades that included four teams. They received guard Jordan Clarkson and forward Larry Nance Jr. from the Los Angeles Lakers, guard Rodney Hood from the Utah Jazz, and guard George Hill from the Sacramento Kings. In exchange, Derrick Rose was sent to Utah, Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, and CLE first round pick was sent to the Lakers, and Iman Shumpert was sent to Sacramento.

"I think we became a younger team, more athletic. We added some more shooting as well. So, we'll have to see how it meshes," James said. "I like the pieces that we have coming in."

(source: ESPN)

The Cavaliers cleaned house. For what it's worth, Cleveland made some nice upgrades from what they had previously. They have another starting veteran point guard, a potential starting shooting guard/role player, a combo guard/ 6th man, and another athletic big. For the Cavs, I love this trade.

There is only one ball to go around. LeBron James has been the primary play maker always. Other players that need the ball to make plays such as Thomas and Rose can cause for a struggle in their offense.They aren't spot up shooters or the best defensively, so it was best to let go instead of Cleveland being a black hole for them.

The best thing for Wade was to send Wade back to Wade County. Miami is currently sitting at seventh seed for the Eastern conference. There's no doubt in my mind that Wade will be back in the postseason. This was one of the more class act trades I've ever seen. Even if Lebron James were to leave in the off season, the Cavaliers have nice pieces to hold a rebuilding   process together.

The Cavs are on a four game winning streak since they formed into the new look team. Now that all-star weekend is over, I expect a rejuvenated team with fresh legs. Cleveland is currently 6.5 games back from the number one seed, but they'll be just fine. 

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