Reasons why you should practice your craft everyday


By: Jimmie Sykes

You read the meme, have you?

There's always room for improvement in your craft. Whatever you do best, stick to it. Your passion should be your driving force.

Time may be against when you want to work on your craft and get better at it. You may feel as if its not set up for you to be creative or innovative and respect goes out to all those people that still find a way to make time for it. We all have to work to live and a great deal of us are pursuing an education, and that can be most of our time right there.

Often times I hear stories about people who've withdrawn from school and work to focus on their passion. The world looks these people like they're crazy. Sometimes their passion can drive them to do such a thing. Passionate enough to devote your whole 24 hours to something you love so much. (This is not me encouraging anyone to do this, I'm just touching on the subject. I love reading stories about that, especially when the person makes their dream come true).

Don't be afraid to put your craft out there. Share your work with others. Get feedback on your work. Constructive criticism is good for motivation which can lead to you wanting to get better at your works. The motivation that criticism brings can be a great feeling. It opens a perspective that didn't seem clear to you at first but now it does. Never fold to feedback, use it a fuel for your craft. Study the feedback and get better.

P.S. Don't waste your time worrying about what others think about your work. Keep working, keep getting better, they'll love it sooner than later.

Yes, we are talking about practice.

Practice being useful in more than one field as well. Honing multiple fields can be good for you moving forward. Even you aren't the best in the field that you're most familiar with, find ways to gain knowledge and ability.

When you're dealing with your craft, you must treat it as a exercise routine. Practice daily if you can help it. I have no choice but to practice my craft daily because it's an essential, it's strictly typing and writing in my field. If what you're crafting is your passion, make it your top priority to get better at what you do.

Listen, learn, then master your craft.

Before you can be the boss in your respected field, you must work. There is no way around that.

Don't forget to touch on your delivery and approach. It's levels to every field and you must treat it as such. Listen and learn. Please listen and learn. Pay attention. Be a student to the game. Even if you chose to go the independent route, there will always someone that has done it before. The more you learn about your craft the more you can better yourself. Or, the more knowledge you can pass down to the next trying to come up in the world.

Turn your craft up a notch.

Overtime is often necessary to get ahead. On the way to the top, there is no room for excuses and very little room for error. Keep in mind that there's always somebody working twice as hard as you for the same spot. You may be tired some days or not in the mood but those are the days that defines your integrity. You must push through when those days come.

It's a good feeling to watch improvement in your craft. Speaking from personal experience, watching improvement in my craft makes me never want to move the same again. It brings a new demeanor out when you see improvement and it makes you realize that the only place is up.

If you're sitting around doing nothing, that's just a waste of your day. Limit yourself from lack of productivity and from people who're slowing your development down. Time is money, you have to keep it moving. If it's not beneficial to you or whatever you're passion is, cut it off. Toxic situations can harm your craft.