True Life: What works for you doesn't work for me

By: Jimmie Sykes

Sometimes, your input isn't necessary.

It seems as if everybody is trying to force their opinion now days. I can respect an opinion until it's forced. It's kind of crazy how you have to stress to people on social media telling them "Don't @ me with your opinion." When an opinion is debatable, that's when your input should be voiced. If it's not, please just keep it to yourself.

Keep your two cents

9 times out of 10, no one cares about your opinion that you just shared because of someone else's opinion.

Save it for someone who cares, please. It's not enough care in the world for everybody to care about what you have to say, so choose where you pitch your two cents in wisely. I can understand when a friendly debate is at hand, but when it's a personal opinion you should respect that.

Sometimes two cents deserve respect. That's when it's used to help others out. If that's not the reason, keep it. Adding unnecessary input will get you nowhere. It won't get respected, especially in a situation where it doesn't matter.

Nowadays, everyone is strong on their opinion. Whether its conversation on what your favorite movie, actor, athlete, or musician, it is hard to break that opinion. I know we all get tired of people poking their nose in places where it doesn't belong. We just want our opinions to ourselves most of the time. We should at least have that level of respect, but that unfortunately does not exist.

What's for you isn't for everyone else

Don't try force your ways onto others because it's that way for you. What goes for you may not be the case for the next person. You can't expect someone else's reaction to be the same as yours every time. Everyone isn't built the same. You can't give everybody the "If it was me" advice because it's not you. Don't expect me to follow you if I see you jump off of a cliff. That's for you, that is not for me.