Placing yourself in position to win

By: Jimmie Sykes 


(Photo courtesy of The Odyssey Online)

(Photo courtesy of The Odyssey Online)

One of the most difficult things everyone has to learn is that for your entire life you must keep fighting and adjusting if you hope to survive. No matter who you are or what your position is, you must keep fighting for whatever it is you desire to achieve.
— George Allen Sr.

Not everything is about the prize, its more so about the position.

One thing you must realize in placing yourself in position to win is that not everything is going to result in a win. Ever heard of the saying, "Born to win, built to lose?" That is what positioning yourself is always about. The route for success you think

Think somebody who's trying to make it big in music. They work countless, hours, days, and ultimately years trying to make it mainstream. All of a sudden you have other mainstream artists who blew up overnight. That's just different positioning.

Positioning and fate can often go hand in hand. Sometimes your position to win can be simply fate. As if it was destined to happen all along. Other times you have to work for your position. Work overtime for those shoes you want, or working on your craft to get better and ultimately get noticed.

One of my favorite examples of placing yourself in a winning position is budgeting and money management. Wherever you stand when it comes to how you handle your finances is our for your helping or hurting. If you're the type to struggle when balancing money, you're not placing yourself in position  to win with your finances. 

To be real, money makes the world go round. If you want a new car, house, or jewelry you have to place yourself in position to achieve those. Nothing is free. All the successful people that you see on television didn't just wake up to those accolades. They put themselves in position to one day be a winner.

Losses will come during your position. You can't get discouraged about it. Keep learning from your lessons and push you through it.

When placing yourself in a succeeding position, you still must do it to your discretion. Everyone can tell you right or wrong about the route that you're taking. Only you can travel that journey. Keep that in mind. You must do what's best for you. What someone else eats, doesn't make you shit.

Hip-Hop legend and businessman Jay-Z once said you can't afford it if you aren't able to buy it twice. This stands true because often times we'll spend and have nothing to bounce back on. In the end, what do we gain from that? Nothing. Better positioning leads to better habits, better living, and ultimately better business. We should all want to win.


Positioning to win starts with you, and ends with you.

“Lil Kodak they don’t like to see you winninnnngg” (via Gfycat) 

“Lil Kodak they don’t like to see you winninnnngg” (via Gfycat) 

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