I’m Jimmie Sykes (@GroovNuke), journalist and Fall 2018 graduate from Western Illinois University. I’ve been writing alongside the moniker Write to Make it Right since 2015, turning it into a full domain and service in July 2016. Over time it turned from a standout line in one of my favorite songs in to a way of life.

Write to Make it Right has seen engagement in content with over 20 countries and 42 states within North America. The main mission of the brand is to push content under any available service I can offer. I do all my stunts with this brand, so anything concerning it can be handled by me.

Currently, I’m a Staff Writer for iLLANOiZE, where we cover the latest NOiZE within the city of Chicago and beyond the margin. During my free time, I like to cover sporting events, work, fill my website and social media pages with new content, help my family with tasks, and leisure within the Playstation community.

For all inquiries and connections, get in touch below. My hope is to be able to service you with any need at hand.



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