How about a NO to conforming? Be yourself.



Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
— John F. Kennedy

Strive to be like Tom, all day and tomorrow.

These days you see too many people going left and not enough going right. I see far too many people not moving with a mind of their own.

Have you ever gave thought to who exactly you are conforming to? A bunch of temporary people that don't accept you for you? Society and a set "norm"? Whatever the case may be, conforming should come to an end.

Some people unknowingly conform to what is around them. To conform means to behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards. Whether it's their environment or the people they hang around, one may mold into someone that they are not while their in solitude. This is not a good look. As an individual, we should be focused on building self.

You don’t worry about fitting in when you’re custom made.
— Drake

One must want to shine for their own purpose. Say no to conforming and make a name for yourself. Self-identity is best for you. Know what you can do for yourself and what's best for self rather than conforming your identity to a clique.


Peer pressure plays a role in conforming. Whether some will admit to it or not, this is something all of us fell victim to. Some people act a certain way just to be accepted into a crowd that doesn't even care much about you. If they did, you wouldn't have to act for acceptance, it's simple math. When you're with a large group of people, it is easy to lose yourself. More people around you just equals less decisions you would have to make for yourself. While in that group of people, you lose sight of your personal morals and self-identity.

Even in the work force, conformity is alive and well. When going on a job, men and women are expected to conform to a certain standard that the company. This is a load of crap, but hey what can we do about it? It's corporate America. People come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, and appearance. I feel as if this barrier is slowly being broken, but not fast enough.

In 2017, now is the best time to be yourself. Don't lose yourself by conforming to the air heads around you. Rise above and go take your own route. Always do your own thing first. When you're moving right, people will attract to you. More time standing out, no time fitting in.

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