Each one teach one--Lets Inspire to make a way


 By: Jimmie Sykes 

A man can only attain knowledge with the help of those who possess it. This must be understood from the very beginning. One must learn from him who knows.
— George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

Knowledge is power.

In our life we spend some time venturing off into new things so we can find ourselves. This process can take us weeks, years, or even a lifetime.

Each one teach one. From personal experience I can say that people go off to places like college or various environment and not come back to share the knowledge they obtained.

When you come from rough environments, the upbringings can be rough too.  Everyone isn't privileged enough to make it out. Inspiration in these type of upbringings go a long way. If you know you have a knowledge or ability that can inspire someone, share it. Utilize what you were taught and teach it to the less fortunate. It would be selfish of us holding it in knowing that knowledge is something that can ignite a better tomorrow. 

Believe in Khaled.

Believe in Khaled.

We've all heard stories on those people who achieved success but never came back to tell the story. While it's not their obligation to, we must turn this into a thing.

Educate yourself to inspire others, not divide from one another. Knowledge is power, so turn it into a useful weapon. Don't use your knowledge with a "better than you" attitude. If we rid ourselves of that mindset, maybe people can do something great together. Maybe more communities could overcome to rebuild if some knew what it takes to achieve.


  (Wisdom and Love conquers all)

When I'm out bettering myself, I think about all of the kids from the neighborhood. The ones that have limited opportunity or those who can sometimes feel like they're alone. Reason being is that they may be afraid to be judged or just can't stand alone. It's some great thinkers in these communities that receives little light. Kids are blessed with all sorts of talent but you can't always expect them all to bring it out with no guidance. Maybe if we have more people coming through to inspire, these young kids would believe in themselves. That's all it takes is some inspiration.

You must understand that people learn different. Some people can exert their talent and knowledge easily, others need to be taught how to.

Even back in my neighborhood where I'm from, the kids are preached two options in life. Continue to play sports until you make it to the pros, or fall into the street life (this is more so pertaining to the young boys). Preaching those options to young kids can turn into a mental aspect that this may be the only way for them. It is not the only way, and more role models should be present to show that its several ways to make a way.

That is why I'm challenging everyone reading this to be a role model in their community. Inspire someone today.

It took me some time accept of who I am and what I want out of life. I always knew what I want but it took some changes to get it out of me. By the grace of God I found my way.  Every thing I do from here on out is to inspire and give people a vision. I feel as if that is our true life mission. We must love on and pass the torch for a better tomorrow.

This what God feel like!
— Kendrick Lamar

When we all depart from this life, all of the material things we've obtained will not matter whatsoever. With that being said, make your impression felt while you're here. Be great, do big things. Show love and help those in need of it. 

 Furious Styles (Boyz n the Hood--1991)   Knowledge is power. Arm yourself with it. 

 Furious Styles (Boyz n the Hood--1991) 

Knowledge is power. Arm yourself with it. 

If you're good at dribbling a basketball, teach one so the next can be good at it. If you're a good entrepreneur, pass your skills down so we can have a young entrepreneur. It is up to us to pass the torch down. Material things won't last but impact is here forever. This is how we build our communities the right way. In a place where we lack resources (the black community), we must spark the mind, do the right thing, and bring change to our neighborhoods.

Sit down, talk to one another. You can inspire someone today for a better tomorrow. This is a true contribution to society. Don't go Hollywood and forget where you came from.