Keep that same energy

They frown when you up, but smile when you’re down. When you change for the better, fools stop coming around
— Pimp C

When dealing with people that brings bad vibes, it’s best to love from a distance. Your “friends” can be bad for you as well. Quotation on the friends because you should benefit from a real friendship. If there's more taking away going on in the friendship, then you might have to do some reevaluating to do. 

Personally, I’m at a point of life where if you’re not talking business, our conversation is limited.  Surround yourself with an ambitious circle, ones who inspire you to keep it moving. Don’t be around anyone that makes you feel as if you're less than your potential. If you think you're great at what you do, nobody can take that from you unless you let them. Drop all of those type of people out of your life. 



Keep that same energy..

I know we've all heard that saying before. Whatever got you to that high point in your life, it got you there for a reason. That reason had to be a good one. You should want to keep that same energy that gets you going. 

Never revert back to bad energy. Keep that where it's at. Don't backtrack with anything you left in the past. I would hope you left it there for a reason right? It'll be foolish to get burned by that same fire twice. If you notice that the energy and effort isn't the same, then it wouldn't benefit you to stick around.

Sometimes people or obstacles may come into your life to slow you down. Feeding into negative energy is a choice that you have to deal with at the end of the day. This is no one else's problem but yours. Treat it as such. Prioritize the issue before it throws you off of your square. 

Sometimes you got to let out a big "NOT TODAY SATAN!" 

Sometimes you got to let out a big "NOT TODAY SATAN!" 

What you allow will continue.

  1. If you're constantly around people who never have anything good to say, leave em' be.
  2. If someone mean you no good, then for the sake of your energy, just leave em' be.

Don't waste time reciprocating old, bad vibes. Keep your energy fresh. 



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